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Updated: Mar 30, 2018

I chose to move to NYC in February.  It was a specific choice.  

Having only known endless summer growing up,

I knew that if I could live through the most frozen part of winter, then I could endure any season.

It is a month of bravery, of accomplishment, of commitment.  

That being said, this is still a difficult time of the year for me.  

I miss seeing green on the trees and having the promise of budding flowers soon. 

This is also the month that celebrates love and partnership.  Awe!

But being purposefully independent for much of my adult life,

it feels more like “single awareness month” with roses at every bodega reminding me that

another person probably won’t be bringing me flowers anytime soon.    

So you know what I do? I treat myself to flowers and turn it into a mindful practice.  Why not?!  I’m worth it.  And so are you!

And they don’t have to be extravagant flowers.  

Trader Joe’s has sustainably sourced, rainforest approved bunches for less than the price of a matcha.  

In fact, there is a Japanese art that involves an arrangement of a variety of plants called Kado or "the way of the flowers".  

It is the process of connecting with nature, as it is. This month we can bring nature into our homes and decorate the places in our life that need it the most. Knowing that cut blooms won’t last forever also helps us remember the impermanence of the season as well.  

This too shall pass.  

This is a practice of contemplation.  

This is a practice of presence.

So pick up a bundle or two and adorn your space, spreading your conscious beauty everywhere!

Mucho Namaste—Sarah

All photos by Amber McDonald

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