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Yoga Practices
for the Female Hormonal Cycle

20 lessons for Breath, Meditation and Movement designed to sync up with the Four Phases of the Monthly Cycle.



You might be noticing that things are off with your cycle

and that it means you're not doing something you should. 


But I know you're already doing a lot.

You're working from home, trying to sneak in some time with friends while socially distancing and time for yourself all the while

taking care of everyone else in your life.

Trust me, it's enough.


The truth is, to find a balance, you actually need to do less

And this series will show you how.


This is a way of practicing Yoga that is synced to the 

phases of your hormonal cycle.




Modern Yoga has strong ties to the patriarchy which does not consider the variations of the female hormonal cycle.  This course is based on somatic movement, integrated yogic teachings from female leaders, Ayurveda and Functional Medicine.   



Your female hormonal monthly cycle has four phases.  This Yoga series is specifically designed for each phase.  In this series you will learn yogic practices of movement, breath and meditation for each of your four phases so that your energy is utilized efficiently, focus is improved and you can get back to your radiant self!



By connecting to the natural rhythm of our monthly cycle, we unlock the power of our healing.  We start to realize that our hormones are not the problem.  But when we learn more about them we can make informed and conscious decisions.  This way we will never feel run down and overwhelmed again.

This video has been deleted.

What you receive...

Week 1 Classes
Menstrual Phase

Menstrual Phase Overview

Restorative Practice

Hatha Practice

Guided Meditation

Yoga Nidra

Week Three Classes
Ovulation Phase

Ovulation Phase Overview

Hatha Practice

Somatic Vinyasa Practice

Pranayama Practice

Guided Meditation

Week 2 Classes
Follicular Phase

Follicular Phase Overview

Hatha Practice

Somatic Vinyasa Practice

Pranayama Practice

Guided Meditation

Week Four Classes Luteal Phase

Luteal Phase Overview

Hatha Practice

Somatic Vinyasa Practice

Pranayama Practice

Guided Meditation

Lessons range in length from 15-40min because they

are specifically designed for those of us with

cortisol overload/adrenal fatigue.

Purchase for a limited time only. 
Videos never expire.

As Seen In...


SARAH GIRARD an interdisciplinary educator with over 15 years of experience across the country.

Sarah grew up as a member of the Royal Academy of Dancing and performing with the Los Angeles Ballet Theater til the age of 16.  She then learned the somatic movement teachings of Martha Graham, Josef Pilates, Frederick Alexander and Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen through deeper exploration.  Her formalized yoga practice began when she started studying with Many Ezraty, Annie Carpenter and Bryan Kest in Los Angeles.  After moving to NYC she continued learning with Nikki Costello, Leslie Kaminoff at The Breathing Project and eventually became a part of the teacher training staff at Yogaworks NYC under Jodie Rufty.


Her unique experience of having pediatric cancer and being raised by a family of spiritual educators has given her a grace and wisdom of someone beyond her years.


As a perpetual student herself, Sarah has spent the past seven years deeply investigating holistic and allopathic responses to female hormonal imbalance.

It is her great passion to empower others to embody their own grace and to find pathways to personal healing and wisdom.

Keep Asking...

What does this program look like?

This is a Four-Week Course designed to sync with the four different phases of the Female Hormonal Cycle.  Each phase includes one breath practice, one guided meditation and two movement practices. 


Since we are all at different phases of our cycles at any given time, I opted to record these classes so you can move through the material at your pace.

How long do I have access to the program?

Once you become a member and purchase the program, you will have access to the videos whenever you like for as long as you like!

Can I do this series if I’m on Hormone Replacement Therapy?

Yes.  If you have been directed by your physician to begin a yoga practice, this course is appropriate for you.  However, you should NOT use this course as a replacement for your Hormone Therapy and should always consult with your physican prior to changing any medication.

Return Policy

All requests for cancellation or refund received in writing within 14 days after purchase will be fully granted. 

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