Sarah is an interdisciplinary educator and creator.

Diagnosed with a rare eye cancer at the age of two, Sarah grew up in and out of the hospital.

So you could say that wellness has been her lifelong pursuit.

Sarah has a diverse array of education and experience.

A graduate of UCLA, producing and performing in theater for over 10 years, traveling to over 100 countries,

accruing over 1000+ Yoga Alliance Educational Credits in programs across the country

and having lead more than 10,000 hours of public, corporate and one on one sessions,

Sarah has deeply dedicated herself to studying the fields of creativity, mindfulness and movement.

As the former Director of Yoga and Meditation for Culture of Fit she created programs,

which are still implemented, in national companies, including the NBA, Mitsubishi and Price Waterhouse Cooper.

She understands the incredible value of modern medicine in improving and saving our lives.

But she also knows, firsthand, where the health industry still needs improving. 

And so she welcomes alternative modalities and a constant pursuit of inquiry to empower ourselves back to wellness.

Sarah is the creator of Mindful Therapeutic Movement,

a one on one practice to unlock each of our personal and unique healing abilities.

The sessions approach every individual holistically using breathe, conscious alignment and

a balance of strength and restorative exercises to bring the body and mind back into equilibrium.

As an educator she is always learning and celebrates the challenges we greet in our daily lives.

Over the past 15 years Sarah has had the honor of teaching at the following studios...




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