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I began my wellness journey when I was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer at the age of two

and spent much of my time growing up in and out of the hospital.  


 After graduating from UCLA with a degree in Theater, I traveled around the world producing and performing theater for over 10 years. 


As a traveler and perpetual student, I have visited over 100 countries and have accrued over 1000+ Yoga Educational Credits.  In leading more than 10,000 hours of public, corporate and one on one sessions over the past fifteen years, I have learned that by connecting into our own creativity, mindfulness and movement we can unlock our individual and unique pathways to healing.

I offer weekly on-demand and live classes as well as one-on-one sessions and mentorships.  My on-going workshop series The Embodied Artist explores yogic practices and rituals which ignite creativity and foster connection. 

Well, since you're here...


Hey, I’m Sarah…


Many of the practices of yoga can be seen as the process of identifying the ways in which we prevent ourselves from experiencing connection.  


It’s something that can be simple in theory, yet difficult in practice which is one of the many reasons why we call our yogic pursuits a practice.


I value storytelling and the connection it brings us and am inspired by those who ground their vulnerable expression with truth.


So here’s a little but of my story…


At the age of two I was diagnosed with a rare eye cancer known as retinablastoma, or cancer of the retina.  Being the only one in my family with the genetic marker for this disease, I spent much of the journey of surviving by asking the question, “why did this happen to me?” 


My mom put me in dance at a young age because I couldn’t sit still.  Dance and theater provided a safe place to release my internal world of emotion which was often tumultuous and intense. 


As I grew up I kept moving to calm things down, but eventually as I practiced yoga, I learned to be still.  And in that stillness, I felt a doorway to my heart open up for the very first time.


As I passed through this doorway I felt clear.  I felt safe.  I felt supported.  I felt loved.  And I wanted to access that again.


It’s part of my personality to commit to things that fascinate me.   So I first studied at the National Yoga Institute, then followed many teachers across the country and to India (Annie Carpenter, Maty Ezraty, Leslie Kaminoff, Nikki Costello to name a few…) accruing the equivalent amount of hours to a master’s degree in yogic study.  (There aren’t that many master’s programs out there.)  I have also managed a few yoga studios and played around enough in college to get a Theater Degree.


I worked in theater and produced runway shows all the while teaching yoga and meditation.  


You could say that much of my young adult life has been strung together with moments of learning and sharing what I could in the hopes of greater connection. 


Much of my story and how I teach is cyclical.  


I’ve traveled far, but keep ending up back home.  I’ve crossed the seas and have been as far away from land as a human can possibly be on earth.  I moved to New York City and have lived, taught and created there for seven years.  So of course it feels poetically symmetrical that now I’ve been sheltering near my parents and childhood home during this time of CoVid.


Like so many who search, I, too, value solitude.  I crave silence as much as I crave a symphony.  Though I love my independence, it is a fallacy to think I've gotten anywhere by myself.


I come from a family of spiritual teachers.  Early on they gave me the foundation of wisdom and trust to help me grow up with uncertainty.  I will never know why I had cancer.  But I do know that I’m here today to share my story because as I do, maybe someone out there will feel less alone and a connection will be made.


I teach people how to move their bodies with purpose, how to breathe more easily and how to gain a bit more presence by connecting with their personal nature. 


I’ve worked with men and women of all ages who are recovering from or preparing for a medical procedure, who are trying to sleep soundly and love deeply, and who want to feel better and do something good for themselves.  


I have dedicated much of my life to creating an accepting and encouraging atmosphere for people to experience their own stories and their own journeys towards stillness.  Call me an idealist, but I truly believe that in each of us, we have a heart capable of loving.   We can access this in moments of stillness, and often movement is the way we can clear space for stillness.  


This is a practice. 


This is a process. 


And though we might face a whole lot of unknowns right now, we have all known love.  And love, dear ones, is the only way to grow and thrive with the unknown.


Join along in my weekly classes live or on-demand or if you would like, we can schedule a time to meet virtually one on one.  My ongoing workshop series The Embodied Artist is a culmination of my education in the arts and movement so far, as I present a glossary of yogic practices which inspire creativity.


You’re welcome to pull up a mat and make yourself at home here.


Mucho Namaste

Over the past 15 years Sarah has had the honor of teaching for the following communities...

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