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As a teenager, I began practicing Power Yoga because that practice felt productive.  But over time, as other things become more important, I've started focusing on an aligned, stabilizing, and softening practice. 


I hope you'll join me on this journey.


Not your typical Vinyasa...these classes are informed by decades of studying anatomy, classical asanas and Vedic philosophy combined with a love for play and creativity. These movement classes are for those who are interested in informed and varied movement.  Each month we touch on a central physical and philosophical theme.  Join along if you'd like your accomplishment and understanding to deepen!


I consider this the main attraction.  It is not always easy to take time but it is such a gift to ourselves and others. Informed by the monthly theme, we will learn to relax and get centered with instruction and various guided meditations.  Each practice is based on the Vedic, Insight and Mindfulness traditions. 


Perfect for those looking to regulate their nervous system, upgrade concentration and restore energy and focus.


Our weekly Live Class! 


"Sangha" loosely means "community of awakened ones" in Pali, the ancient language of the Buddha. 


This class, taught on Zoom, is a chance to gather live with others across the world who are also on their journeys.

All Levels Welcome.


This class is a monthly sacred pause and is perfect for those who are recovering and healing.  We will take time to soften the layers of tension that we habitually hold in the body, emerging with a greater sense of peace and rejuvination.

All Levels and Drop Ins Welcome


Ever wanted to learn more on a topic?  Have questions about whether you're doing your practice "right"?

In this extended class, we will focus on specific questions and requests brought forward by the group.  It's a great chance to study a specific subject more deeply.


Wish to study a little deeper on your own time?


Take a look at the On Demand Course offerings.