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What are the Chakras?

My first exposure to the chakras was growing up in Venice Beach, Ca. We would walk down to the boardwalk to see the artists who had painted themselves every color of the rainbow and watch them float and bounce around.

In my Catholic household, we were taught to be very skeptical and judgmental of anything “woo woo”, thinking that chakras and the like would lead to an ungrounded and irresponsible lifestyle.

Well, I’m happy to say, I’ve spent two decades studying and practicing with the chakras and I’m fairly grounded and my mom thinks I’m still very responsible. (Thanks Mom).

The chakras are one of the most googled and the most misunderstood topics.

Over the years I’ve heard so many questions from clients…

Sarah, what are they really?

Are they physical? Are they spiritual? Are they fake?

How do I know if they are in balance? If they aren’t in balance, what’s going to happen?

Can I really get them balanced and can they stay balanced forever?

The answers are never simple and rarely short. But I’ll try here...

Chakras are vectors of energy. We use the chakras as a way to systematically navigate through a very complex and deeply mysterious terrain. This terrain holds the energy within us and all things. Energy is everywhere. So there are parts of this journey which are all-encompassing. But just as we approach an advanced asana by breaking it down to it’s building blocks for greater understanding, we also use the chakras as building blocks to glance into something greatly expansive. You can read about the chakras everywhere. There is enough out there to get into a K-hole so deep you’ll emerge from it next decade. But have you ever thought about who’s authoring those articles?

I know you value the sources of your information and it’s important we choose a trustworthy trail guide.

Always seek a knowledgeable teacher.

I have learned a great deal about navigating subtle energy from Anodea Judith, Cindi Dale, BKS Iyengar and Yogi Bhajan respectfully. These are some of my teachers and I highly recommend purchasing their books and learning from them as well.

Yet this material is best if you can take the practice off the page and experience it.

After all, how do I know that the chakras have improved my life? Practice and Time.


I have created a guided chakra series in the effort of making valuable information accessible. It is a chance to learn a bit more about each chakra and how to apply techniques of visualization, mantra and breath to align and balance each center for greater efficiency in our lives.

The series consists of:

8- videos each less than 15min (with options to practice longer for each video).

We cover:

What does chakra mean?

What’s the history of the chakras?

How can we use them?

How can we practice with them?

I hope that in sharing this series a few of your questions will be answered and from that peaceful resolve more questions and deeper inquiry will arise.

Practice on.


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