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Ustrasana | Camel Pose

Updated: Jul 23, 2018

Unraveling the Myth of the Pose...

"Like sands through the are the days of our lives..."

This was my mom's favorite Soap Opera growing up and if I close my eyes, I can still see the hourglass rotating around over the backdrop of a horizon. I could never follow the plot (who can?) but this was the first image and phrase that came to mind when I recall the passing of time.

Ustrasana is a posture that stands the test of time. It is a posture graceful yet challenging, simple yet complex. It has been a posture I consistently come back to over my 20 years of practicing asana. It is one that helps me counter a day hunched over my computer while staying grounded at the same time.

It is a posture to return to again and again.

This is apropos since the camel is known for perseverance and outlasting epic journeys through the desert. With it's reserves of nourishment it is an animal of endurance.

I find it super fascinating that camels are still used to patrol the Indian borders, even when more technological advancements could be used instead.

So knowing that this pose is one for the long road, give yourself plenty of time to explore and map it in your body using some of the above postures.

The journey is as important as the destination. Happy Practicing.

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She has developed three different classes:

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