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Updated: Aug 3, 2018

If you’ve been following me for a little bit now, you might know that I love herbal elixirs, adaptogens and Traditional Chinese Medicine as a compliment to a balanced and holistic lifestyle.

On and off for a year I have experimented with different herbs like Ashwaganda, Reishi and Rhodiola noting their effects and symptoms. What I have learned is incredibly valuable and personal, yet I have found it incomplete. Many times I would have adverse reactions to things, meaning that my ignorance around the wonderful world of beneficial herbs was getting the better of me.

There comes a time when all students need a teacher. I needed someone to show me what I could improve upon and help me unlock the mystery of natural medicine. Luckily, I’ve found many teachers who have helped me along this path.

One of them are the good people over at Dao Labs.

The biggest thing I love about them is their transparency. In my research so many “herbal” or supplement companies don’t have a valued sense of sourcing or testing and most of the time are just selling snake oil. The folks at Dao Labs are incredibly public in sharing their testing practices as they source all ingredients from America.

They’ve are so accessible. Not only have they taken time in their day to have not one or two phone calls with me but FOUR long conversations with me and my TCM Practitioners, answering all of our tricky questions. But their product is also so easy. Travel size packets of herbs that TASTE yummy and not like dirt.

They’re all also all about paying it forward. 1% of all their proceeds go towards WildAid a Cali-based company that protects against animal poaching in sourcing.

Their four different blends are great entries into the world of herbal medicine.

• Immunity Support

• Emotional Balance

• Women’s Formula

• Digestive Harmony

They have been a great addition to my daily routine.

Since they are so wonderful, they are offering 10% off for people who just by enter my name

[SARAH] upon placing an order.


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