Full Moon Meditation - Transcript


What does it mean to be full?

I think of my mom’s apple pie, when I think about “being full”. I’m usually eating it at the end of a special feast.

Full sometimes has the connotation of decadence and being uncomfortable. There’s a stretching of the skin of a balloon when it becomes full.

There is a growth quality with being full, right? Being full doesn’t often mean satisfied. It means I’ve taken on slightly more than I’m comfortable with and I’m in uncharted territories with this amount of stuff.

Yoga is a practice of wholeness, limitless union. And today we have a Full Moon, or a moon that appears to be a whole circle in the sky.

It gives us a visual reference of something growing into its capacity. Into its wholeness.

Since we know that everything is connected, if we see something as being possible in the world, we can also see it in ourself, so then the growth we observe of the moon can provide insight into our very own fullness.


We also expand and we also grow.

I know we are sheltering with limited opportunities now. But I know many of us are still asking, what can I do? How can I grow? If you weren’t asking those questions, you would be here with me.

How can I heal? How can I make things better? What does that even look like?

These questions bring us onto this path towards understanding our fullness.

Right now we are being challenged, in this forced simplicity, this “forced detox” as Glennon Doyle called it this week, to realize that fullness is not dependent on anything else, except us.

We are the only ones who can restrict our growth. So then we can ask, when do I limit myself?

Or better yet, as meditators we can ask, when do I become distra