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I'm Bored!!!

How often do we let ourselves get bored?

As a kid whenever I felt the strangling feeling of boredom approach I would whine to my mom and she would reply, “Great! I hope you get creative now!”

This then gave me permission to run to the beach, to bother my brother, to make wild outfits in my closet and put on a floor show, to help her prepare dinner…This call to nature, to connect, to express ourselves and to be of service is still within us.

But the novelty of these opportunities, which arrive from the white space in life can be lost when we are filled to the brim with the DOING of our lives.

For those of you in my weekly classes, I have mentioned that I have more time than usual in my schedule and my days. August is also the month that brings the pace in New York to a jog, down from it’s usual sprinting pace.

This is a perfect season to soak in the spaciousness of time and yes, welcome in boredom.

Many times I am so wrapped up in all that I can do with my phone, that I forget to take a moment to breathe and be with what is. Anyone with me?

It’s good to remember that technology was invented so that we can have more time and more freedom. But how often do we feel obligated to our devices?

A friend at dinner last night, when I was catching her up on what I’ve been doing the past two months exclaimed, “My goodness Sarah! You’re so doing so much!”.

Because the truth is, technology hasn’t afforded me more time and space, it has increased the speed with which I do things and I can feel myself actually becoming dependent upon that high I receive from feeling accomplished.

It’s something I’m working on.

Doing less.

I remember, as a kid, spending what felt like eternity in the Post Office waiting in line with my mom. I would jump around, try to open the lock boxes, put stickers in hidden places…And my mom would talk to the other people waiting in line, learning about what’s happening in the neighborhood. Or she would stare into space, letting her mind quiet as a thankful moment from raising four highly active and dramatic children.

When was the last time you were anywhere, in line, at a stop light,

waiting for the train and let your mind get quiet?

When was the last time you were with someone and you didn’t google the answer to a question? But rather let yourselves remain in the mystery of not knowing the answer?

This month I’m taking specific steps now to disconnect from my devices.

I feel like the weird one on the train without earbuds or looking at my cellphone because it’s so socially acceptable and encouraged to disconnect from where we are at any given moment.

When was the last time you left your cellphone at home to walk in the park?

This is the month to do that...

To practice being present with what is, so we can be a presence in our lives.


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