Enter April Meditation - Transcript

Namaste my loves. Thank you for joining me again for our weekly meditation. And if it’s your first time with me here, welcome. Thank you for being here.

New Normal. Is something that I’ve been hearing a lot. Either with friends or family. That we’ve entered into this new style of living which feels so far from what was our “usual”.

And in this time I know there is a mixture of feelings and energies moving around.

Deep fear of the unknown.

Overwhelming uncertainty.

Immense gratitude for our communities and support systems.

And maybe even the acknowledgement of the safety and security we have been experiencing.

It is a new normal, unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.

And as we settle into our new schedules of either having more or less time in our days than we did before, we have been given an incredible opportunity for our perspective to shift.

I’m mentioning this as someone who has only one eye and so what I see and perceive visually is very different from those of you with two eyes. We all have different ways for seeing. So regardless of our visual capacity, be it 20/20 or legally blind, we each have an opportunity here, today and now to shift how we perceive this new normal with intentionally.

Because that’s what meditation offers for us: the opportunity to enter into the present moment with purpose.

This is also a season of new birth and growth as we watch the daffodils and tulips make their entrances and the spring trees begin to bloom. But amidst all this new life we must remember the winter. I know we want to forget it. But we can’t forget all that had to pass away and die for these flowers to bud.

It is a cycle.

There was a necessary fall and clearing which happened six months ago. All of the trees had to lose their leaves in order for the buds to bloom.

It is a cycle.

Death always leads way to birth.

In Advaita Vedanta, or a non-dual philosophical teaching, we start to first observe the cycles of death and rebirth which make up the individual chapters and whole trajectory of our lives. We can observe how birth and death frame our lives which span decades. We can also recognize the chapters of our life where childhood ends and adulthood begins. We can go smaller and recognize, even, the energizing life of an inhale and the surrender and release of an exhale.