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A New Time for a New Routine

Studies show that 80% of New Years Resolutions are forgotten by February.

Knowing this, my new mantra has been,

make little changes that will affect a lot of things in life and a big change will result.

Slow and steady will win the race!

About a year ago, I started slowly changing my morning routine

in an attempt to even out my energy and blood sugar.

I had been off caffeine for years, so quitting coffee wasn’t the hard part.

My change was simple.

Instead of reaching for sugary quick energy of fruit juice or kombucha,

I started adding protein and healthy fats to my morning tea.

Now while that might sound gross,

let me tell you that having sustainable energy first thing in the morning has vastly improved my days.

Within a week of this small change, I felt my mood improve, my hormonal cycle become more balanced,

my productivity went up and my sleep even got better.

As some of you have seen on Instagram, I’ve been recipe testing my “potions”

for some time now by adding different chinese herbs and adaptogens to these morning drinks as well.

And now I do have an arsenal of many different potions,

for different times of the day, different moods, and different needs.

So I have many to share with you.

But what I’m sharing with you this month is the one that helped me make the biggest shift in my day

with the least amount of effort.

I can keep coming back to this potion anytime, it is my main-stay,

And for those of you who would like to make a change to your movement routines instead,

but are persuaded to stay indoors by this frightful weather,

the New Yoga Videos on my website are waiting for you.

Mucho Namaste—Sarah

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