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A Case for Collagen

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Collagen? You mean the connective tissue of animals?

That’s disgusting!!

How could that possibly be helpful?!

I originally heard about collagen after I had been diagnosed with Labral tears in both of my hips. The Labrum is the connective tissue lining where the femur head connects into the acetabulum (in real talk, it’s the lining of the hip socket).

Since my injury was a result of chronic repetitive strain, I I was intent on rebuilding my habits to find alternative paths of healing and avoiding surgery, if I could. I went full throttle, seeing my TCM practitioner, physical therapist and chiropractor weekly. When an orthopedist suggested collagen I recoiled. How could that be good for me? But when they ALL said that I could see some positive results by adding it to my diet, I figured I should give it a shot.

Like most things holistic and naturopathic, we can’t expect the same immediate reactivity that we get with western medicine. It's not a silver bullet that made my pain go away instantly. In fact, my new mantra became:

Things that take a long time to form, will take a long time to heal.

And so I developed a routine with collagen, adding it to my morning tea, little by little and over time, I noticed a change. My hair started growing wildly, my nails started to get stronger, by skin looked plumper and more radiant. Heck even my morning movements (or my daily BM as my grandma called them) felt better. Hmmm...was that an overshare?

It wasn’t an overnight transition. But rather, it was progressive and noticeable.

I have many clients now, who are working to calm their own joint inflammation, and who have experienced many of the health benefits of adding collagen to their daily rituals.

It has been an incredible addition to my day and I’m so happy to share these results with you.

As with most animal products, if you chose to consume them, I recommend sticking with grass-fed, pastured, free-range, organic and sustainable sources. Vital Proteins has been the company on the forefront of this collagen movement and their products are incredibly easy to blend into your morning beverage as they have a very mild, hardly recognizable flavor.

If you want to try Vital Proteins on your own, they make so many yummy products.

Here are a few of my favorites!

Sampler Box - Try them All!

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1 Comment

Gihwan Shu
Gihwan Shu
Jul 23, 2022

Was that collagen type 1 or 2 that helped your hip labrum tear recovery?

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