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Each sequence is carefully curated using precise alignment, functional and

creative exercises and building into classical yoga postures.

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These videos are an offering.  I understand if you're not able to make a reciprocal offering at this time.  Suggested Donation is $5 for all Livestreams and $3 for recorded videos.  

These videos are perfect for those who are just starting or

who would like to approach yoga therapeutically and restoratively.  


Also perfect for teachers learning how to offer one on one sessions

or for those interested in taking private sessions. 

Those who take these classes have been cleared by their medical professional for movement and exercise.  



Private Session - 60min
1 hr


Shoulders Sequence

I don’t know what else to say about Sarah but that she is a wonderful, light of a person.  A constant source of inspiration. Beautiful and inspiring inside and out! 

I am so lucky to have her as a

mentor and friend!


Hips Sequence

Sarah’s practice helps you understand that everything we do now will have a direct result in the future. Mind blowing, right!?  Sarah’s consistency and commitment to her student’s practices makes each moment in class worth the time a student chooses to take for themselves. Sarah’s trust within herself allowed me to find the trust within me, and this has allowed me to flourish personally, emotionally and professionally. Through yoga the pain I had previously created for myself subsided by finding healthier response to my habits. Sarah provides you with everything your body needs to take the right step into your future!

- Heather

Spine Sequence

I met Sarah over a year ago.  I was suffering from constant neck pain . My pain management doctor suggested yoga after months of physical therapy and injections. I was very skeptical but decided to try. Sarah calmly and joyfully entered my life and slowly but surely taught me healing yoga and

gave me the tools to help myself.

I am so grateful to her!

- Elizabeth


This 10min Guided Meditation will help you get out of your head and into your body!  Sarah will encourage you to “practice presence” by locating the different areas of your body with loving kindness.  Listen along to the extended soundscape provided by Daniel Owens.


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