Unprescedented.  We've never experienced this before. 


And at times words fail to express what is happening. 


This is a time to get creative and to make new words.


There is so much wisdom in our bodies.  The body knows how to process.  It knows how to digest and how to mend a cut or broken bone. It also knows how to create.  This is our nature.


This is a workshop series for those of us in desperate need to create. 



Over the three weeks:

There will be movement.  

There will be breath.

There will be writing. 

There will be song. 

There will be community. 


This is All Levels.  The only physical requirement is that you commit yourself to trying something new.



We will meet for THREE Saturdays in June via, yes, you guessed it Zoom


June 6, 20 and 27

9am-11am PST/ 12pm-2pm EST



The Workshop Series is limited to 10 participants because this is specific and intimate.



Words are powerful.  What we feel is powerful.  But what we need right now is movement.  This is how we take active steps to transition through what we are currently going through. 


The strength and the power that we all need to get through this is already within.  We must now tap into it. 


We know that when we become filled up with intention and purpose, then we can go out into the world through our actions, through our words, through our physical being and we can create our world anew. 

Embodied Artist Series


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