Choose the practice that best fits your mood!

Sometimes we all need a little extra help and this week we're staying grounded by using a chair!

Build strength and awareness along the back of your body as we use the peak pose, Paschimottanasana (seated forward fold).


Hatha Flow

Open Twists & Turns  |  $15

Oh the places our mind can ramble through! We'll play with these twists and turns throughout a whole practice. 

Using a stretchy band and soft ball, we train strength in our internal rotators and back muscles.

Standing Tree | $15

Filmed in the height of summer, this class focuses on playfully building balance and strength and support of the side body.

Featured poses: Tree Pose (Vrksasana) and Side Plank (Vasistasana)


Mantra for Gratitude | $10

This is a powerful practice for shifting perspective and humbling our hearts.  It's also a great compliment to writing a stream of consciousness list of all that which you are thankful.

Insight Meditation | $10

The most difficult step of any journey is the first.

How do we start meditating?

This practice, based on the Vipassana (Insight) lineage includes simple instruction and a breath based body scan.

Slide Away| $15

One of my favorite ways to practice!  

Find a blanket or towel and stay close to the floor, building strength with body weight mechanics.  

Advanced Forward Folding | $15

Let's strengthen our legs to a new level!

This class includes engagement and mobility exercises for our hamstrings and glutes.  We then take all this momentum with us upside down to Full Arm Balance, because the legs are important in inversions too.