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  • Why Nicaragua?
    Because it's amazing! Nicaragua is in Central America between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Though it is known for its dramatic terrain of lakes, volcanoes and beaches, locals celebrate living the “tranquilo” life. When explorers saw Lake Managua, they considered using Nicaragua for what is now the Panama Canal. Though they are known for coffee, sugar and tobacco internationally, Nicaraguens are welcoming a surge of tourists and surfers over the past few years to their take in their beautiful beaches.
  • Where is Tola?
    Tola is a part of the west coast agricultural community of Rivas and is far less developed and much more intimate than its beach town counterpart, San Juan Del Sur.
  • Which Airport do I fly into?
    The largest and most accessible airport is located in the country's capital, Managua, about a 2hr drive from Aqua resort. As we are coordinating many arrivals, we are asking that we fly into MGA airport since it accommodates many different airlines for ease and accessibility. However, the closest airport to Aqua is Costa Esmeralda, where shuttle flights are available from Liberia Airport in Costa Rica twice daily. The propeller planes offer stunning scenic views of the coast and is a great chance to get into the adventurous spirit right away! (Please Note: That since a coach is being arranged from MGA airport, we can assist in arranging a coach from Costa Esmeralda to Aqua, but an additional cost might be incurred.)
  • Do I need any special medicine?
    Health is important. If you do want to safe-guard and protect we do recommend that you stay current with all your vaccines including typhoid, hepatitis A, hepatitis B, rabies, and influenza. Though Zika is not a threat, we do recommend bug repellent and the coastal breeze does provide a generous shield from most biting bugs.
  • Do I need a visa?
    Before entering you must have a valid passport for the 6-months prior to your visit. Then at the airport, everyone is issued a 6-month tourist visa for $10. Of course, if you are traveling to Nicaragua from a country other than the US, different diplomatic relationships might exist.
  • Is it safe?
    As a developing country, it is always important to exercise caution and discretion when traveling through big cities. Of the Central American countries, Nicaragua has the lowest crime rate as determined by the US Department of State. Also the coastal areas, where Aqua is located, experience drastically reduced rates of crime compared to the big urban centers. Every room in the resort comes equipped with a safe for your personal items and we recommend traveling with only the necessary items for your trip.
  • Should I get Travel Insurance?
    Sure! Health Supplemental Insurance Emergency Evacuation Unexpected Expense Your airline and bank can also assist you with additional trip insurance.
  • How close is the nearest hospital?
    There is a small clinic located in Rancho Santana 45 minutes away. The largest hospital in Managua is 2.5 hrs away.
  • What’s the weather like?
    Nicaragua has two tropical climates. Wet and Dry.The average temperature for the end of July, beginning of August is 81 degrees with about 60% humidity. Since the time we will be visiting is on the cusp between wet and dry season, we might experience a mid-afternoon rain shower, but can anticipate refreshing moments of sunshine as well.
  • What’s the currency?
    The local currency is cordobas and 1$ will exchange into roughly 31 cordobas. It is not necessary to change all your cash for the resort, as they can run credit cards for gratuities and additional services.
  • Cash or Credit?
    Though the resort runs credit cards you are also welcome to use cash, if you prefer. American dollars, in small denominations, 1s and 5sm are accepted at local restaurants and bars.
  • What are the surroundings?
    The treehouses and suites at Aqua are arranged on the mountainside of a private cove, which is ours to explore and enjoy. There are about 80-120 steps throughout the resort. Playa Gigante is the neighboring beach, which is only about a 20min walk away and has a few local surf bars and restaurants. Beaches that are accessible by car are Playa Santana, Popoyo, Astillero and can be arranged with Zach ahead of time for your transportation. Other sites that can be arranged for your exploration are: National Turtle Sanctuary Hot Springs Horse-Back Riding
  • Or should I just stay mellow?
    The award winning spa at Aqua will be happy to have you!
  • Do I have to do yoga?
    This actually one of the most common questions we get! While Sarah is offering two classes a day (a full morning practice and a specialized afternoon workshop), there is no prior yoga experience needed to attend the retreat. Also, let’s remember that this retreat is for your enjoyment. We are supportive of you doing what feels the best, and that can even mean skipping a practice to get some extra sleep, if needed.
  • Is it safe to drink the water at Aqua?
    Aqua provides purified water in every suite, at the restaurant, the yoga platform, and in reception.
  • Is it suitable for kids?
    From Aqua website “Aqua is designed as the perfect family getaway. It is a place where families can come together and engage in a natural setting with an array of outdoor activities focused on physical health and fun. We know traveling with a family takes a lot of planning, so we make it a priority to offer a wide arrange of services that allow you worry less and enjoy more.”
  • Do I need to speak Spanish?
    Por que no? While in my experience making an effort to speak the native tongue is a great way to travel, it is a not a requirement to get by in Nicaragua. The majority of the staff at Aqua will speak English and many locals pride themselves in their knowledge of American culture and phrases.
  • What’s included in a surfing excursions?
    Expect about 2-3hrs Board Rental Surf Guide Transportation to and from Aqua
  • What’s included in a fish charter?
    Expect a half a day about 4-5hrs Boat and Crew Tackle Bait
  • I want to take more time before and after the retreat, do you have any recommendations?"
    Ometepe is about 2.5hrs from Aqua; it is an island in southwest Nicaragua’s vast Lake Nicaragua. It's known for its twin volcanoes. Little Corn Island - one of the best kept secrets does require a sense of adventure to get there aboard a small boat or “panga” 50 miles off the shore of Nicaragua. Granada 1.5 hrs - once a Spanish Colony this city is historic and idyllic for those interested in learning about the heritage and architecture of Nicaraguan culture.
  • Is there a dress code?
    Most people prefer to bring clothes to move in for yoga, a swimsuit and sandals and smart beach casual outfit for dinner.
  • More Questions?
    Aqua’s site also has an extensive FAQs page.
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